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Two Examples to Let You Understand the Art of Paraphrasing

the art of paraphrasing

Many people cannot differentiate between summary and paraphrasing. Most of them think that both of them are the same. A summary is a shortened version of writing, which includes the core message of that content. Paraphrasing includes all points of the original content with different wording. Therefore, its length is most likely the same or even longer than the original. If so, What is an example of paraphrasing? Here we are going to show you some of them.

Paraphrasing A Sentence

Paraphrasing a sentence means you rewrite a whole sentence into a different form with the same meaning. Here is an example of paraphrasing a sentence.

Original sentence:

Whenever you go to Bali, do not forget to see the Besakih temple and visit Kuta Beach

Paraphrased sentence:

Bali has two great places to visit and see which are Besakih temple and Kuta Beach. You must put them into your destination list for your vacation in Bali.

The original sentence tells you to visit those two places. The paraphrased sentence also has a similar message, but it has a different and indirect approach. That way, you can still send the message without plagiarizing the original sentence.

Paraphrasing A Paragraph

What is an example of paraphrasing? Next is paraphrasing a paragraph. It is similar to a sentence. However, it could be challenging because you have to make your paraphrased paragraph sound different from the original. You also have to understand the topic of the paragraph so you can create a different paragraph. Here is an example.

Original paragraph:

Last night’s party was amazing. Tony and Bella did their specialization once more time. They put French fries, fried chicken, and coke in one bowl. Then, they ate them all in one breath. Everyone, including Danny that held the party, was surprised by these two beasts. How did they do that? They looked like a vacuum cleaner that sucked all those foods into their mouths.

Paraphrased paragraph:

At Danny’s party last night, Tony and Bella made some kind of unforgettable memories for anyone that attends that party. They eat all junk foods, like fried chicken and French fries, plus coke in one go. They are indeed known as the vacuum couple, with their ability to gobble huge amounts of food, real fast. Who knows, maybe inside, they are real machines?

That is an example of paraphrasing a paragraph. You use different sentences and structures to create a whole new paragraph. The new paragraph must have all the points of the original one (Danny’s party, Tony and Bella eating, they eat junk food real fast).


That’s our answer to the question. What is an example of paraphrasing? We hope you understand right now how to paraphrase the content. If you see the paraphrasing method changes the original meaning, there is one solution. You can quote the original content/sentence in your article. You also can use the paraphrasing tool to help you to do that. Then, change and modify the result to give it a personalized touch.

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