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How Do I Learn to Write an Article? Follow these 5 Basic Ways!

how do i learn to write an article

When you surf on Google and want to find information about something, Google will display thousands to millions of articles about it. You can easily get various things that you need there. Until you may ask, how do I learn to write articles?

Ok, it’s time for you to understand how to write articles. These steps are not certain, however, even for beginners, you can immediately practice them. These steps can be applied to create articles of any type.

Selecting a topic

The Internet is like a window of data and information. When writing, determine your objectivity, target audience, and focus on what topic you will develop. If you want to find a lot of newcomers to read your articles, then look at the trends around you, choose a field that you are good at and like, then do data analysis of how your article can be a solution or interesting for readers.

So, avoid writing articles with themes that are strange or very common to you because it will make you experience difficulties and can even make you unable to finish the article to the end.

Research (Observe, imitate, and modify)

Next, surely you will ask, how do I learn to write articles after the topic is determined? As a writer, you should always do your research first to enrich yourself with up-to-date references. Google can provide interesting content information that is suitable for your article.

With the choice of topics that you have determined earlier, you can search and find types of articles that are suitable for benchmarking. Determine the theme and then modify or enrich your article with research so that it is seen as accurate. First collect the sources and main ideas, even sample articles, along with the links, then choose whichever one is relevant to the plot in your article.

Formulating the main idea or problem

Well, this can use an outline or outline the main idea per paragraph. For the simple example,  you can give the first paragraph with the problem, the second paragraph with the problem, the third paragraph with the cause, the fourth paragraph with the impact, and also the fifth paragraph with a great solution.

Processing writing

Next, this is the most important step in making articles, namely processing your writing. After you determine the topic and collect references, it’s time for you to process all of those things into a complete article. You need to do some ways in processing good writing:

First, you have to determine a certain writing style. This can be obtained by reading a lot of other people’s writing, then if you have found a writing style that you think is suitable for you, follow that style.

Second, pay attention to punctuation and sentences. This is what often escapes from making articles for beginners. The basis of an article is a complete sentence. Notice how you store the subject of the predicate and the object, and then the comma or period you use.

Third, avoid using the same word in one paragraph. Or if you are forced to write down the same word look for the equivalent. This is where your vocabulary skills can be put to the test. The point is to use a rich vocabulary.

Making a conclusion

The conclusion makes it easy. The conclusion will be written well when your article content is correct inflow or logic. So, the one that is very important is your content article. Make sure the content is interesting and still has weight even though later your writing style is relaxed.

How, do you still have questions, how do I learn to write articles? Hopefully, by reading this article, you understand and can apply it well. Good luck!

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