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Entertain Your Reader With These Article Writing Techniques

article writing techniques

One of the main requirements to write a good article is creativity. It can be boost by using writing techniques in article writing since it is fun and engaging.

Professional writers may be using some of these techniques to improve their article quality and keeping the reader on the hook. You could try these techniques the next time you write an article.

Rhetorical question

Article writing tips often suggest you keep your reader engaged in your article. One of the how could be with this technique.

A rhetorical question is a question that doesn’t require an answer. Instead, it makes the reader think about something, usually a point. That way, the reader’s attention is kept alive, so they don’t get bored and stop reading.


Using simile is pretty fun because it compares unrelated things. People often used this in daily conversation. For example, you want to say a person is kind by comparing her with an angel. Instead of saying, “you’re so kind”, you might say “you’re as kind as an angel”.

See the difference? Okay, so I just used a rhetorical question right here.


Another exciting option is a metaphor, which is quite similar to a simile. It might be confusing for some people. But lucky you, you won’t be.

The easy way to differentiate these two is by noticing the presence of comparing words, which are “like” and “as” in simile. While in metaphor, you just say it directly.

For example, I want to call Elsa a cold woman with a metaphor. So, I say, “Elsa, you’re an ice queen.” On the other hand, in a simile, I say, “Elsa, you’re as cold as ice.”


Personification is often used in narrative-style writing or when someone is trying to tell a story. The way to use this is by giving a non-human object a humane characteristic.

So, instead of saying my car is running out of gas, I say, “the car is thirsty.” It could spice up your article writing game, can’t it?


An easy way to think about alliteration is by comparing it to tongue twister. As long as you linked two or more words that have a similar sound to the first words, that’s an alliteration. And it has to be a consonant.


So, assonance has the same concept as alliteration. Only, you do the wordplay by connecting the same vowels of the first word.


When you try to write a sound, onomatopoeia is what you choose. You can write the sound of something falling by saying “thud.”


Some SEO article writing contains a certain level of hyperbole. It basically translates to exaggeration. Or drama, if you may. That way, your reading would stay.

Emotive language

As the word emotive suggests, it relates to emotion. So, it’s easy to incorporate this technique into your article by mentioning emotive words, like sad and loved. It should ignite people’s empathy. Thus, readers will be involved emotionally.

Colloquial language

When doing informal or chill article writingyou can use colloquial language. To use this writing technique, you just need to shorten or join words. For example, I’m, ain’t, and I’d.

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